Ruai/ Tasia Unitarian Universalist Church is a liberal religious community committed to individual freedom of belief, the search for truth, spiritual nourishment and the celebration of life.We seek to transform our beliefs and mutual caring into action to support our members, strengthen our community and promote social justice. It is found in Eastern part of Kenya, in Eastern province.

Through a spirit of hope we attempt to meet many challenges. Our community is a drought area where most of our members are affected by hunger and scarcity of water. In 2009 most of our livestock died and people lost life because of the serious drought that hit. In our community young age don’t go to school because the parents send them to go and look after the cattle, fetch water since they are strong enough to walk long distance. These have contributed to earlier marriage and earlier pregnancy. Learn what we are doing to improve our community on this website and subscribe to our blog and social networks through buttons on the left.