A story from Philip Samuel

I come from Kisii County and attended Mwngasa primary school. Following the post election violence in 2007, my family was displaced. We were called IDPS (INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS). This meant we could not stay in our homes but live in a group of people whose property and all their belonging were destroyed completely. Therefore I could not go to any school.

I needed a place to call home but all was in vain. My mother died out of HIV/AIDS in 2004 when I was in class 3.

My father was employed by one rich man to do manure work, like cultivating the land and looking after cattle. He was earning Khs 6000. He had to go and live where he was working because he could not travel back to where we were living. He took me to school in 2010 and I joined class 5 in Mwangasa primary. Unfortunately my father became sick and died in 2011 of cancer.

I remember after the burial of my father, I met with one of my father’s friends and introduced me to a member of Ruai Unitarian Universalist Church, her name is Shem Omwoyo. She encouraged me to join UU since they love children. I will never forget what Ruai UU are doing in caring and helping the children whose parents are very poor, orphans, whose parents are physically or mentally disabled and are unable to educate their children.

I thank the minister and the entire members of RUUC for this wonderful school fees program which has touched many lives. I’m in school and my help is from Ruai school fees program. I believe that through hard working I will realize my dream in future and join this school fees program to help others.

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