A story from Jared maruba an orphan.

Jared Marube An orphan with a story during the service on 01/04

Once upon a time, in a certain community there lived very beautiful girl called Malaika (An angel). She was the president’s only child and her parents loved her very much. Malaika was not only beautiful but she was also responsible and caring to the workers who used to work in her father’s palace.She also assisting in doing weeding of the flowers and going to the farm planting with workers.

The parents were very proud of their daughter. One day they decided that none but the best would marry her. Do you guess what? Her parents decided to hold a big party, and they invited the rich and handsome men to the president’s palace so that she could choose one for a husband. Malaike was not happy with her parent’s choice of suitors. She believed even the poor poor and vulnerable should be invited. When she complained about the guest list, her father told her, all I want to you is a good life to live with a very rich man who can afford to take good care of you. We don’t want you to get married to the poor family who are beggars who shall be burden to our family and to you too.

Although she was unhappy, Malaika, ever the obedient girl, kept quiet and did not argue with her father. The evening of the party, there was loud music, plenty of food and entertainment but Malaika did not enjoy the party. She was exhausted because all men wanted to dance with her, after a while she excused herself and went to sleep.

The following morning her parents wake up and waited for her to wake up and tell them whom she chose. When she joined them for breakfast, they asked her the lack man was. Malaika told them that I did not pick anyone, I was confused because they were all rich, handsome and behaved the same -like identical twins. The president was very annoyed.

He ordered that her daughter to marry the first man who showed up at the palace at the morning. Unfortunately the man who had come to the palace was the beggar just came for help. The president was very furious and disappointed but he had to stick to her word. He invited a few people to attend the wedding since the parents were embarrassed that a beggar marrying their daughter. The pride and groom wore simple clothes. Malaika did not mind her groom because he was handsome, young man and interesting to talk to.
After awhile they set for his home which he told her lover that it was long long journey. They had to use the horse in their long journey.

On their way Mailaka got tired and fell in asleep, after a while when she woke up she was surprised to find herself in a beautiful room, more beautiful that her room back. She was confused and she thought that she was dreaming.

Suddenly,the most handsome man she had ever seen dressed like a prince, stepped in to the room. It was the beggar!

We are home, my pretty lovely wife, so wake up dress and come meet your new family. Speechless Malaika sat up.

Her husband smiled to her and told, My dear, I am a prince. I came to your father’s kingdom disguised as a beggar because I was looking for a wife and I wanted a girl who was going to love me for who I am, not for my wealth. Now ,since you loved me as a beggar and not for my money, I want us to have a proper wedding with all our friends and family.

Tomorrow is our big day I have already sent a message to your family to attend.

The following day, Malaika and her prince had a colorful wedding and everyone commented on how happy they both looked.

Now I challenge you: Who are you and what are we here for?

Go to *UU* principles tell us to; inherent worth and dignity of every person;
Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;

Thank you for listening to my story.