Story from Victor

I was born in a single parent family, and I have a sister. We live in Ruai village and my mother can not afford to pay for our school fees because of poverty. She had small kiosk of selling vegetable and tomatoes but it was destroyed when the houses were demolished at Ruai. We lost the small room we had build to live, household good and other property. My sister escaped to Nairobi town and became a street girl. I started selling boiled eggs in our village to get money for food and house rent where my mother and I live.

One fine day mother got a chance to take us back to school from Ruai UU church which is supporting needy and poor families. I desired to go back to school but I couldn’t because of poverty. I got the opportunity to go back to school because of Ruai UU church. My word of thanks goes to our minster and the members for the compassionate and helping hands that they hand extended to the needy children. My mother went to Nairobi looking for my sister who has escaped to be a street girl, she got her and brought her back home and I thank God because she and I are in school, and my mother is working at Ruai UU tailoring shop. We are a happy family and united because of the wonderful friendship and the love of Ruai UU members. I want to become a doctor after my school and join this program of helping others the way I’m being helped.

Yours Sincerely,
Victor Mochama.

A story from Philip Samuel

I come from Kisii County and attended Mwngasa primary school. Following the post election violence in 2007, my family was displaced. We were called IDPS (INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS). This meant we could not stay in our homes but live in a group of people whose property and all their belonging were destroyed completely. Therefore I could not go to any school.

I needed a place to call home but all was in vain. My mother died out of HIV/AIDS in 2004 when I was in class 3.

My father was employed by one rich man to do manure work, like cultivating the land and looking after cattle. He was earning Khs 6000. He had to go and live where he was working because he could not travel back to where we were living. He took me to school in 2010 and I joined class 5 in Mwangasa primary. Unfortunately my father became sick and died in 2011 of cancer.

I remember after the burial of my father, I met with one of my father’s friends and introduced me to a member of Ruai Unitarian Universalist Church, her name is Shem Omwoyo. She encouraged me to join UU since they love children. I will never forget what Ruai UU are doing in caring and helping the children whose parents are very poor, orphans, whose parents are physically or mentally disabled and are unable to educate their children.

I thank the minister and the entire members of RUUC for this wonderful school fees program which has touched many lives. I’m in school and my help is from Ruai school fees program. I believe that through hard working I will realize my dream in future and join this school fees program to help others.

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Gender Inequality and Injustice

When you stand with the most vulnerable people who are denied their human rights, you stand to protect and fight for justice and equality for them because of LOVE.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you my experience in life. I lived with my husband for 11 years but all those years I was troubled and mistreated while the children were watching.  I tried to be patient to live with him for the sake of children we had, but I realized that he was able to kill me. I remember one night when he came drunk, and he asked for food. I answered that there is nothing to eat and even the children slept with empty stomaches. My husband started beating me with a piece of stick. Unfortunately he hit me so hard that my head got a deep cut and my body was full of blood. He thought I was dead and he ran away. The following morning I found myself in a hospital for treatment.

When I was out of the hospital I told the pastor in my former church how my rights had been violated  by my husband but my pastor demanded  that I should keep praying for my husband and that God can change his habits. I realized that pastors make the situation worse so often because all the years many women who pray for their husbands to change leads to flowers on graves. I had to go back to my mother’s land to live with my parents; unfortunately my parents sent me back to my husband because the tradition and their culture could not allow them to keep me. I had to escape with my two children to my sister who was living at Ruai town. My sister was a member of Ruai Unitarian Universalist Church. She is called Catherine.

Gender inequality and injustice for women and girls has been a long standing issue for women and girls, especially in rural areas. In our society beating a woman is recognized as one way of disciplining a woman and the society socializes women to anticipate the habit. The majority of women believe that when they have not been beaten, their husband has stopped loving them.

One fine Sunday in 2010 I went to this church where I listened  to the teachings and values and realized that this is the only place where all people are respected and accommodated. I met  with the minister for counseling  and he encouraged me by telling me that in UU there is Gender equality and justice. In this church I discovered that men listen to their wives and support them in family matters which is against the believes of the culture. Since that day I made my decision to be a full member of UU.

Let me take this chance to thank the you for the spirit of unit and hard working in supporting  the most vulnerable people and the affected one by natural disasters.

Finally I wish to say that the house I was living together with my sister and our children was demolished and we were evicted. The business we were doing was destroyed and there was nothing we saved. Right now we live in one room and it is congested. How can we start our lives again? We are in a devastating condition: No good health care, lack of food and security, and no jobs.

Discrimination, Gender inequality and injustice for women and girls is persistence because of lack of economic factor and lack of job opportunities. The women need to be empowered and operate businesses to make their own living. May God bless you all.

Yours Rose.