Children’s Story on Death by Isabelah Makori

Good morning class,

My story is about DEATH.

When I was 5 years old my mother died and my grandmother gave us this story about death.

That when it’s time to die it’s a doorway that God uses to move us from this life to His presence.

We sat quietly thinking about her story. I thought that my parents were taken by God and there are looking on me and my elder brother how we miss them and the serious challenges that we experience day in day out. I asked my grandmother if God takes parents and leaves children suffering is that the right thing God is doing to children? We are all scared. I thought we’d all die. My grandmother said, do not be scared, accept God and He will take good care of you since we all afraid of the unknown, but we have to believe that when we die we go to God even though there is fear.

As we were sharing this story the food arrived and after we ate we went to sleep. As we went to sleep I left with answered questions.

1) What is the source of death and why do we die?

2) Do you like my story?

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