Church committee met on 26th.APRIL 2013


Ref No.  A60


The meeting official began at with Opening prayers from Ruai UU Minister Kevin


Members present

  1. Kevin Ragira                       chairperson
  2. Stephen Nyongesa         treasurer
  3. Grace Atieli                         v. chairperson
  4. Divinah  Nyarangi             secretary
  5. John Kimbo
  6. Catherine Thenya


Absent with apology

1)      Shem Omuonyo

2)      Irine Mophat

3)      George Nyakundi

4)      Maurice Jogoo


Opening remarks

The chairperson read out the agenda of the urgent meeting


1)      Susan Smith’s visit:


The members upheld the previous minutes whereby they recommended that;


1).  It  will be easy for each congregation to progress efficiently  their projects if they can get partnership hence better  understanding of UU by sharing and exchanging programs between the partner congregations.

2).    That the ministers and key uu people  to  play an  important role of coordinating and participate in creating partnership between Kenya and UUA congregation and USA UU congregation with growing congregations.

3).            We recommended that any of the UU members from the International community and local are welcome and our doors are widely open for everybody to come and work with us.

Progress of the projects

The members started by reviewing projects as follows;

I.            School-structure

II.            Learning

III.            Children



  • Members proposed that there is need for us to have place to worship,That will also have playing grounds for the children
  • Members proposed that the children should be relocated to a better place as we plan to build a better school for them
  • Since Mrs. Smith had proposed that we look for a place to relocate the children. The members realized a place costing 800 dollars a month
  • Food was a major concern to the reason why children number fluctuated. Currently we have sixty children who are costly. Each of them spends  50 dollars a month amounting to 3000 dollars per month. Inclusive of medical care.



To have enough materials e.g. electrical valuing 2500 dollars and Timber valuing 1500 dollars

Salon: It requires modernized equipments e.g.

@10 pcs of Driers valuing 1200 Dollars

Blow dry 10 pcs 800 Dollars

Barber Machines 10 pcs 500 Dollars


It requires enough cereals to  certain the demand NB: There is one machine that lacks motor valuing 1000 Dollars for easier flouring.


Since there are only three manual sewing machines we require the electrical machines to make the work easier at least 20 of them and materials costing 10,000 Dollars

Glass smart

To acquire big contracts it require our project to have a bigger stock of at least 1500 Dollars./ Hence attracting developers


For easy training materials and gaining contracts from developers require the project 3000 dollars

In the electrical, we have qualified electrical engineers amidst us with will be used as an added advantage

Members conclude that, since the above project are young they need to be expanded for the betterment of income generation. To certain the growing number of children and become  self reliant


The members suggested that since Otoitok Unitarian Universalist congregation are for should also be visited by the minister Kevin Ragira and some few members for advice and spiritual uplift.

The meeting came to an end at at 12.00pm by a word of prayer by Sister Catherine Nthenya.


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