Don’t lie.Lilian shared this story with the members.

Long time ago, there lived a boy called Andrew.He lied to everyone including his parents when he thought he would get into trouble whenever he did something wrong.
He was never punished for his mistakes because every time he lied,people would believe him and would end up free.When he was young , he would lie about small things like eating sugar and denying he did it.When he was late for school, his favorite lie was that a family member was sick so he had to help with some chores.
After some time his father got worried because he new that is his son continued lying,one day he would get into trouble and disgrace his family and the community.
His father decided to set a trap for him.He placed a cup of milk on the table and went outside the house and peeped i from a window.When Andrew got home, he was thirsty and n spotting the milk,he quickly drank it.He then rushed out,got the cat and placed it next to the now empty cup.When his father appeared and asked what was going,he said that he found the cat drinking milk from the cup.What he did not know was that his dad knew the truth.
The next day,his dad decided to set a much bigger trap which would bring his lies to stop.This time he told the whole village about it.They planned to send man into Andrew’s room at night who would pretend to be a thief.the instruction were that no one would respond when Andrew shouted for help.They would later tell him that they thought he was lying.At night the plan was carefully executed.
“Thief,thief,thief!Andrew shouted at the top of his vice.Nobody went to his rescue.When the plan was accomplished,the villagers came out and asked what was the problem.Andrew why they didn’t when he called for help.They told him that they thought he was lying as usual.
Andrew was embarrassed and he apologized to his family and fellow villagers.It was a lesson well learnt and Andrew promised he would never lie.
Is my story helpful?

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  1. JoyceD said:

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    Very nice story, Lilian! Lying leads to distrust and it’s important to gain people’s trust.

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