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Children dressed in their best for outdoor worship service

Dressed in finest at outdoor worship service

The start of school fees program was inspired by our shared vision and belief among Ruai Unitarian Universalist Church members, that the destiny of our youths and young children should not be tied by lack of funds and persistent poverty.

Poverty has largely affected the young and youths in their academic journey, they have the potential to break the cycle of poverty and turn their own destinies, that of their families, friends, and their society, if given access to education and leadership skills. The school fees program is to promote social economic transformation through 4 programs, one of which is education and leadership development. There is remarkable achievement in provision of primary school and secondary

Minister standing and children sitting in small Kenyan building

Kevin teaching religious education class about Love.

school for the talented but less fortunate youths and children in the society. We are thankful to our friends from Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church for their support economically and spiritually, and the compassionate friends who have shared in our belief and joined this program.

We have managed to help six children in this program to access education from primary school to high school. There are many children and youths in our society, who have the vision in education but due to poverty, and lack of school supplies they cannot access it. Many people live under the poverty line, this largely arises from the lack of skills and competence required to unlock and utilize the resources at their disposal. These resources hold the key to eradicating the very poverty they find themselves in.

Children in corrugated aluminum building with one present each

Children in blue and white uniforms are in school, others are not.

We are having other programs like disaster management program, Religious Education program, exchange of visitation program, but we are deeply touched with the school fees program because many are deprived in our society. In this regard we appeal to all compassionate friends, organizations to come and touch the lives of young and deserving and gifted children to help them change their destiny through this program. We really appreciate and believe in the power of caring, giving, and the value of working hard and being patient and having hope.

Our first priority goes to the needy and vulnerable one in our society. As we change their lives, so do they change ours, through their stories of courage, resilience and hope in the face of great adversity motivated by this program.

Children in Ruai Kenya graduating from school

It is our goal to see all children graduate.

Find touching stories by children and youths at

Please join our fundraiser for the school fee program. Each child needs $100 per semester to attend school plus $50 more for supplies. here are 60 children, 30 of them are total orphans,15 have single parent but comes from poor families, and 15 of them have parents but their parents don’t have employment that can enable them educate their children. This is the number of children we have at hand but in our community there are so many children who are in dire needs, but we cannot help everybody since our resources is limited.

The more assistance we get, the more children we can help. This is an ongoing fundraiser as there are always children in need. Please tell your friends and congregation members to help us, too. Click here to contribute.

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