Story from Victor

I was born in a single parent family, and I have a sister. We live in Ruai village and my mother can not afford to pay for our school fees because of poverty. She had small kiosk of selling vegetable and tomatoes but it was destroyed when the houses were demolished at Ruai. We lost the small room we had build to live, household good and other property. My sister escaped to Nairobi town and became a street girl. I started selling boiled eggs in our village to get money for food and house rent where my mother and I live.

One fine day mother got a chance to take us back to school from Ruai UU church which is supporting needy and poor families. I desired to go back to school but I couldn’t because of poverty. I got the opportunity to go back to school because of Ruai UU church. My word of thanks goes to our minster and the members for the compassionate and helping hands that they hand extended to the needy children. My mother went to Nairobi looking for my sister who has escaped to be a street girl, she got her and brought her back home and I thank God because she and I are in school, and my mother is working at Ruai UU tailoring shop. We are a happy family and united because of the wonderful friendship and the love of Ruai UU members. I want to become a doctor after my school and join this program of helping others the way I’m being helped.

Yours Sincerely,
Victor Mochama.

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