Letters from Children in School to Supporters

ASCAH I feel good to say hallo to you all. This year I am in class four (junior primary) and I am doing fine. My favorite subjects are English and social science. My teachers are good. I also have many friends in my class. In future, I want to become a  nurse, God willing. At […]

Story from Victor

I was born in a single parent family, and I have a sister. We live in Ruai village and my mother can not afford to pay for our school fees because of poverty. She had small kiosk of selling vegetable and tomatoes but it was destroyed when the houses were demolished at Ruai. We lost […]

A story from Jared maruba an orphan.

Jared Marube An orphan with a story during the service on 01/04 Once upon a time, in a certain community there lived very beautiful girl called Malaika (An angel). She was the president’s only child and her parents loved her very much. Malaika was not only beautiful but she was also responsible and caring to […]