Letters from Children in School to Supporters

ASCAH I feel good to say hallo to you all. This year I am in class four (junior primary) and I am doing fine. My favorite subjects are English and social science. My teachers are good. I also have many friends in my class. In future, I want to become a  nurse, God willing. At […]

Knowledge is the Key to Success. Support our Children’s Academic Journey!

The start of school fees program was inspired by our shared vision and belief among Ruai Unitarian Universalist Church members, that the destiny of our youths and young children should not be tied by lack of funds and persistent poverty. Poverty has largely affected the young and youths in their academic journey, they have the […]

A story from Philip Samuel

I come from Kisii County and attended Mwngasa primary school. Following the post election violence in 2007, my family was displaced. We were called IDPS (INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS). This meant we could not stay in our homes but live in a group of people whose property and all their belonging were destroyed completely. Therefore I […]